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The next few months will be spent in the studio recording originals and Norman's unique interpretations of cover tunes.

Look for live performances in June and July.

Norman has a lot going on, and invites you to join him on his musical journey. With a selection of highlights and updates pertaining to his latest collaborations, developments and music projects, this music professional is proud to share his work and creative accomplishments.

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Additional Weekday Dates 2021

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Current live performances in 2021

Public Concerts for 2021

3-5 -Salted Vines Winery 5 to 8 pm

3-28- Salted Vines Winery 1 to 4pm

6-12 - Wedding

6-15- Inland Bays Garden Center -Beebe Hospital Benefit. 4 to 7pm

6-25 - Salted Vines Winery 5 to 8 pm

7-2 -Salted Vines Winery 5 to 8 pm

Private gigs not listed for 8,9,10 months

11-19- Salted Vines Winery 5 to 8pm

12-26 - Salted Vines Winery 1 to 4pm

Just started booking for 2021. We will be posting dates as we progress through the pandemic.

Other private parties are not listed. Please call (410) 952-4506 for private party availability

These were early booking with the fine people at the Salted Vines Winery. Look for other dates as we start posting new booking for the coming year. 

Not posted are weddings and private party events 

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 2019 Venues

Other Concert Dates To Be 
Thanks to all our fans and followers, and a special shout-out to Millville by the Sea patrons and neighbors
Thanks to Veterans for all you do to keep us safe. See you at our benefit on 9/11
Stay tuned and Be Well - Norman

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