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Private Community Party at

Solitude on White Creek 6-24-2022

Concert at Arrowhead Camp -Invite only-

on 6-4-2022

Sunset Cruise: 6-30-2022 - 7:00pm-9:00

Other Community and Private Parties not

listed upon request.

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Public Concerts for 2022


2021  NOV. 19th from 5 TO 8pm at the Salted Vines.


2022 Schedule:

Just Added: Feb 10th 5 to 8pm

MARCH 18th 5 TO 8pm

APRIL 16th 1 TO 4pm 

MAY 15th 1 TO 4pm

JUNE 10th 5 TO 8pm

JULY 16th 4 TO 7pm

AUGUST 26th 5 TO 8pm

SEPTEMBER 17th 4 TO 7pm

Other private parties

Solitude on White Creek 6-24-2022

Solitude on White Creek 8-5=2022

Solitude on White Creek 9-9-2022

Camp Arrowhead 6-4-2022

Sunset Cruise 6-20-2022

 Please call (410) 952-4506 for your

private party and availability. 

 Look for other dates as we start

posting new bookings for the coming


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Abstract Pattern 22

Thanks to all our fans and followers, and a special shout-out to Millville by the Sea patrons and neighbors

Thanks to Veterans for all you do to keep us safe. See you at our benefit on 9/11

Stay tuned and Be Well - Norman

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